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FINALLY! iMessage - but for ANDROID!!!

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Information FINALLY! iMessage - but for ANDROID!!!

Title :  FINALLY! iMessage - but for ANDROID!!!
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Frames FINALLY! iMessage - but for ANDROID!!!

Description FINALLY! iMessage - but for ANDROID!!!

Comments FINALLY! iMessage - but for ANDROID!!!

The last game changer i saw in aiphone was the i phone 7 or 6s now they havent nothing really worthy in my book so i left apple in 2018 i been using the pixel 2 ima get the pixel 4xl in a few days
Comment from : GothLoliOVA

Precious V.
Ok this was pointless Wemessage can be used on android 😐 Bye
Comment from : Precious V.

jeann manguit
Scammer damn!
Comment from : jeann manguit

Pedro Brasil
Here on Brazil, where iPhone has one of the biggest prices around the world, those one who buyies an iPhone install the WhatsApp shit as a religion practice.
Comment from : Pedro Brasil

Vincent Lopez
iPhone users: iMessage for life
Android users: Nahhh Google messenger

Me an intellectual: WhatsApp

Comment from : Vincent Lopez

Maybe Samsung should stop letting Apple use their screens
Comment from : iiBleedReality

Arel Ebana
The best Tech host 👌🏼
Comment from : Arel Ebana

Rick Cannon
Thanks for waisting my time with this nonsense! Tool!
Comment from : Rick Cannon

Frisko Jack
If google figures out iMessage, I would leave Apple in a heartbeat.
Comment from : Frisko Jack

smh the bubbles are still green just get an iPhone god
Comment from : Remy

Jonathan Weiss
What a waste of time scrolling through the video to find where the title applied
Comment from : Jonathan Weiss

Mikhail Foster
BBM silently smirks in the corner
Comment from : Mikhail Foster

Filip 111
By this point more and more people choose other apps like Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger. And because of this more and more people doesn't make their choice of smartphone based on whether iMessage is on the phone or not. I think Apple would make a smart choice if they decided to compete with these apps with iMessage. And sooner or later Apple have to make iMessage compatible with RCS, meaning they have to offer many of the iMessage-features when sending green-bubbles as well.
Comment from : Filip 111

Chris Gomera
I love this channel, this is news that actually doesn’t suck. Ha you see what I did there ? No no. Nah you you got it.
Comment from : Chris Gomera

I have an Android and so does my husband and we have rcs on at&t
Comment from : mewdrarkham

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't gives 2 fucks about iMessage
Comment from : MCKing

Jalyn Drake
If they expected to sell that much and they did.... It's not a flop 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Comment from : Jalyn Drake

Tony Nicklow
Everyone who thinks RCS is good is a moron. Everyone who thinks iMessage is good is a moron. Everyone who uses SMS is a moron. They all suck. Let me explain docs.google.com/document/d/10dgCU0mo7Z_R3j0tnFFbYvjMrupwbrZKkbvLlemT5do/edit
Comment from : Tony Nicklow

Santi SSO
8:13 what about Dutch van easy?
Comment from : Santi SSO

i like "Guardians of the Galaxy"
Comment from : xD3bod

woke af
Of course apple will always have big numbers in sales. There is so many idiots in america it isnt even funny anymore. Remind you america elected a president like donald trump of course americans would get behind a company like applr that uses sweatshops. Why am i so upset? Because youre stupidity affects the entire world.
Comment from : woke af

woke af
Holy shit after watchong the video i realized how big of an isheep the host is.

I can educate you on tech if you like little one. I have both devices the iphone x and the note 10. The iphone x cannot and i mean cannot compete with the note 10 on any level. The phone cannot run games on high settings without getting hot to the touch. And i mean like burning your hands hot. The battery life on the phone is a joke. The phone also charges extremely fucking slow sometimes taking close to 2 hours for a full charge. Plus only 64gbs of storage. Ande well as far as the note 10 goes lets just say if god was real he himself would own the note 10 probably be mindfucked by the technology in the phone. And finally i dont support sweatshops theyre wrong!#! And thats why i cannont support apple. Get woke bitches

Comment from : woke af

Bryan Masis
I've had most iphones and recently switched to an s10 and I had to get used to some things but I think mostly, everything but ft, imessage, is better on s10. Even pictures, I think it can do more things than the xs I had.
Comment from : Bryan Masis

322 people hate his face 😂
Comment from : TheLegendryZelda

Vaughn Wolf
3 reasons I want an iphone: iMessage, slide to queue and add to library on spotify, and the damn volume limiter warning on android
Comment from : Vaughn Wolf

Kari Kralik
I love your vids! Please keep us posted on our favorite tech stuff!
Comment from : Kari Kralik

Antimaus 2000
I don’t use IMessage i don’t see a reason😅🤷🏼‍♀️
Comment from : Antimaus 2000

maher daibes
in isreal we use whats up ios and android
Comment from : maher daibes

Actually for the price of it 1 million could be considered a lot. However obviously that was false. Lol.
Comment from : MobileDecay

yikes dude, is it me or does anyone else feel turned away from his channel because of how condescending he is during this video. I normally wouldnt say anything but damn it really was bothering me
Comment from : Topherten

Shawn Brookins
If Google could solve two distinct problems and make sure that across all Android devices these two features I'm about to mention work, they'll be good to go.
#1 They need to an iMessage Standard that is carrier independent and works across all android devices based on the OS Version not the specific manufacturers or carriers.
#2 They need a standard ( not WIFI Direct) that can compete with AirDrop and works seamless across all android devices irregardless of manufacturer and carrier independent.
Those are the two most prominent issues that keep IPhone users stuck to iPhone. Yes iPhone has excellent apps store and continuity across all their devices, but for average users' most major application are found on both platforms, that's not the deal breaker. But, messaging is like the most important communication tool on a smartphone, so Google has to fix that shit!

Comment from : Shawn Brookins

I really dont get what is so good about imessage, i have an iphone and to me its just a message app, i would never just buy an iphone for it. And btw i have had an android in the past.
Comment from : Grabzza

No one gives a shit.. useless nonsense
Comment from : Steppiliha

Collin Chapin
Lol, love you bro. Your videos are informative and hilarious imo no matter the side of the apple/samsung tech cult clash. (samsung here 🤘🏼👌🏼😉 and I still like your stuff) keep the great work up!👍🏼
Comment from : Collin Chapin

Loud chubby clickbate🖕
Comment from : RimeOne

Archie Albarico
I really like iMessage but my friend list only 3 out of 10 use an iphone and those aren’t using iMessage 😂
Comment from : Archie Albarico

Alexander Brisita
Titled imessages for android but over half the video is about some bs I didnt click for. F*** YOU. no I'm not happy and smiling. 🙄
Comment from : Alexander Brisita

Juan Moreno
Hi dad
Comment from : Juan Moreno

Dark Silhouette
This is the best way to sum up this video

Ima say some shit and watch the children get mad

Comment from : Dark Silhouette

Logan Mangels
I mean.... 500 thou, but, 2 grand for a device is the REASON more didn’t sell. Be interested to see how many Note 10 + 5g max storage options sell by August. Currently deciding between Samsung again, a pixel or iPhone 11 Pro Max.... lmk what your choice is. Have iPad but I would rather not be tied to Apple either....
Comment from : Logan Mangels

Mike Henderson
Apple sucks major ass and there's nothing intuitive about their products
Comment from : Mike Henderson

Thuvan Tu
Comment from : Thuvan Tu

Thuvan Tu
Comment from : Thuvan Tu

Justin Belk
Galaxy s9 48 million units
Galaxy fold less than 1 million yea it flopoed

Comment from : Justin Belk

I don't get the whole iMessage thing. Doesn't everyone just use Facebook messenger!?
Comment from : JBatten

Joseph Michael
Finally in today's world....wieners but for women!
Comment from : Joseph Michael

Its true, imessage is the only reason I have an Iphone. The image quality is terrible using text messages on my LG phone. And no, my friends dont want to download some random app to get high res pictures from me.

I really dont get why its so hard to do on android.
1) Use SMS for texts
2) When a user texts a picture or video, it goes to google cloud.
3) Send link to google cloud to recipient's phone, and a one time key.
4) Dont show link to user, just download the image automatically.
5) Delete image from the cloud.(Your photos are already backed up on google photos if you didnt disable)

Comment from : TQ LLA

Brian Straub
What the hell is iMessage I've never heard of it
Comment from : Brian Straub

Benjamin Ranaei
I really hate this guys attitude I can't put my finger on it.
Comment from : Benjamin Ranaei

Cruise addiction's
my friend has MetroPCS and I have AT&t and RCS works beautifully I can send 4K video and I can see when they read my message and when they're typing so I don't know what you guys are talking about and when I enabled it it said it had end-to-end encryption everything works beautifully
Comment from : Cruise addiction's

Cruise addiction's
my buddy has a Galaxy s9 on Verizon I have a unlock Pixel 4 XL on AT&t and we both have RCS works beautiful so I don't know what you're talking about I can see when he read my message I can see when he's typing and I can also send 5 minute full 4K video I just did the other day works beautiful everything's wonderful
Comment from : Cruise addiction's

Michael Dontigney
Write this down... I won't EVER buy a damn iPhone or macbook, or freaking iPad and I could give two flying shitts about their goofy ass iMessage.... waaaa...... nope. Don't care.
Comment from : Michael Dontigney

Evan Mosley
Jern I love you man but most of the Time you come off real cocky and act like the big brother that always has to be right. I should know I am the big brother. Lol. But yeah you rub a lot of people the wrong way.
Comment from : Evan Mosley

Kevin Reyes
I don't give a fuck about imessage...
Comment from : Kevin Reyes

Harry Crime
People don't love you because you are dislikeable. That's it.
Comment from : Harry Crime

Richard Bright
Comment from : Richard Bright

Steve Gold
Hello John, I've never felt compelled to comment but I'm here to tell you that my life is mostly all Apple, 3 MacBook laptops of various sizes and an iMac 5k. But NOT an iPhone. I love my OnePlus 7 Pro, thank you very much. And I DO use a functioning version of iMessage on it and it works great. It's called AirMessage and while it's a little complicated for the masses, my home Mac Mini acts as a relay and I can send and receive iMessages with no issues whatsoever. Problem solved!!! (P.S. I have nothing to do with the sales or development of AirMessage -- I'm just a very satisfied user of it.)
Comment from : Steve Gold

William Perez
Interesting. Let me know if you want a co host for one episode. 👑
Comment from : William Perez

Cherry God's eye
Whatsapp is huge in my country no one ever uses imessage or most any other platforms
Comment from : Cherry God's eye

Dave Gosling
Seems to be a US problem!
Down under we use messenger or whatsapp......

Comment from : Dave Gosling

Digital Infotainment
Im done using android.. Switching to ios next year..
Comment from : Digital Infotainment

Ryan Collins
Why is everyone obsessed with iMessage?
Comment from : Ryan Collins

Sander Hoogeland
Can someone just explain what is so nice about iMessage? I have had an iPhone for more then 8 years now and I have used iMessage for maybe 10 times.
Comment from : Sander Hoogeland

Colin 😂😂
Comment from : GoGoFlow88

Betty-Alexandria Pride
I'll NEVER apologize!!! (Mainly because I didn't know or care about that crap. 😂)
Comment from : Betty-Alexandria Pride

Chad Nonya
apple is garbage
Comment from : Chad Nonya

Kenny OmegaManX
Team iPhone lol
Comment from : Kenny OmegaManX

Apple n Others
1:50 thats a lazy take thats been used for far too long. So People didn't buy iPhones before iMessage?
Apple's been around for 30+ years during which they have built a reputation for durable, reliable, dependable, approach to privacy, well designed, headache free... products and services. Little to do with iMessage.

Besides there are basically just 2 options, android or iOS and android already has more than 84% share. what are the odds at least 10% just don't like android/google.

Comment from : Apple n Others

Trev Smoove
Thanx for the info. I downloaded the Google message app, and will try it. Looks good so far.
Comment from : Trev Smoove

Nishith Joshi
Nobody gives a shit to iMessage outside US.
Comment from : Nishith Joshi

cole corbin
They've had that for samsung for like 2 years now
Comment from : cole corbin

Kore D'Agosto
And every foreigner outside the US is using WhatsApp / Telegram 🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Kore D'Agosto

5:43 I fuckin love this 😂
Comment from : Ark

John Sterling
Let me break it down like this:

1. FPT is very entertaining to watch and I’m subscribed.

2. I’ve never used or owned an android phone in my life

3. iMessage is the bomb and I love it. Use it to chat with my friends abroad in the UK 🇬🇧
And, I like to use FaceTime as well to talk to my friends abroad in the UK.

4. iMessage is only one reason I use an iPhone along with the end to end encryption and the other major reason is the ecosystem!

5. iPhone forever!

Comment from : John Sterling

Auston Dowling
I have Att and it has chat features, and a friend of mine uses Verizon and his has rcs
Comment from : Auston Dowling

Muhammmad Muhaimin
How to transfer my whatapps data backup from android to iphone?
Comment from : Muhammmad Muhaimin

philo lee
Apple under Tim Cook really hasn’t had anything groundbreaking since the iPhone during Steve Job’s era. Yes under Cook Apple made a crap ton of money and a lot (basically everything) they made/make is better than what was/is out there but it didn’t revolutionize anything like the iPhone did. I wouldn’t call the Apple Watch a revolutionary product from Apple. Everything Apple does is basically an improvement over what android phones do first. Yes they don’t need to be first but they haven’t really done anything to step out of their comfort zone and experiment like what say example Samsung is doing with the fold.
Comment from : philo lee

Jesus Melendez
267 dislikes? Baaaahaaaahaaa
Comment from : Jesus Melendez

2020: Apple logo emblem finally on android phones?! But not the way you wanted it.
Comment from : toothgrinder

Shut up
Comment from : nathalion

Kevin MacLellan
Well your rcs story is majorly flawed... Google bypassed the carriers to roll out rcs which means it IS working with Verizon and att ie I'm on Verizon and friend is on att and rcs works perfectly so get you facts right it's just rolling in stages across the US
Comment from : Kevin MacLellan

I nearly skipped that episode. God forgive me
Comment from : Vapr

nice one
Comment from : lishanjw

I have used the Samsung 10s plus and it was the worst four months of my life. Isheep forever
Comment from : M A N G O O

Luka Štemberger
In Europe no-one uses sms or iMessage, why would you use an app that can send messages to only one brand of phones? Everyone is on Whatsapp.
Comment from : Luka Štemberger

Adam Kowal
I’m sorry, but offering an unencrypted messaging service in 2020 is absurd. I mean, seriously. It’s so awful that it hurts to think about it.
Comment from : Adam Kowal

Facebook User
Kissing Apples ass much?
Comment from : Facebook User

Dyounus 531
About apples value didn't they lose half of it last year like it went from 1 trillion to just less than half a trillion which is like 450 billion or so.
Comment from : Dyounus 531

Dyounus 531
Can't really blame people about getting pissed about the Galaxy Fold because Samsung knew it was going to have less sales everyone did they only thought it was going to be 500,000 it was 1,000,000 it ended up being a success because of that. Also how dare people fight you people should just have a discussion just that for once. Gonna stay a subscriber because I support this channel not hate.
Comment from : Dyounus 531

Nurkey Ali
USA problem
Comment from : Nurkey Ali

Paxton Kanorr
I have Verizon and it worked on my note 9
Comment from : Paxton Kanorr

Chris's Moisturizer
Time to play iMessage games
Comment from : Chris's Moisturizer

glen issac
If you listen to his voice carefully it sounds like Kermit the Frog.
Comment from : glen issac

Omoyele R
What's wrong with hangouts
Comment from : Omoyele R

Zyad Abaza
I'm pretty sure Jon wouldn't say something if he was sure about, just saying.
Comment from : Zyad Abaza

Rahim Antoine
iMessage is the equivalent of BBM messenger,

It's only a matter of time!

Comment from : Rahim Antoine

Dante Masters
Lol this fool is a dick 😂😂
Comment from : Dante Masters

Jackson Palacios
I used to own and Iphone x, never used Imessage, everybody I know is using either Whatsapp or Telegram, that was in south america and is happening the same to me here in Germany
Comment from : Jackson Palacios

Close KoR
For the record: I'm not pissed at any of these stories and I agree with all of them lol
Comment from : Close KoR

Kevin Barry
If the guy said 1 million people want to use something, that is very different from 1 million of those things have been sold
Comment from : Kevin Barry

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