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game pigeon between iphone and android - sensualpantyhose.com

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Information game pigeon between iphone and android - sensualpantyhose.com

Title :  game pigeon between iphone and android - sensualpantyhose.com
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Frames game pigeon between iphone and android - sensualpantyhose.com

Description game pigeon between iphone and android - sensualpantyhose.com

Comments game pigeon between iphone and android - sensualpantyhose.com

its_ Aqeel
Comment from : its_ Aqeel

Why does he have a iPhone 5 s???????
Comment from : dikon

Gracie Escobar
A used iPhone or the iPhone se or get a deal on the iPhone
Comment from : Gracie Escobar

Gracie Escobar
Just get a a iPhone all these videos are clickbait 😒😡🤬
Comment from : Gracie Escobar

Android 😂😂😂
Comment from : vixtor

Funtime Foxy 990099
Real iMessage 100%


Comment from : Funtime Foxy 990099

BD tookie
That's one nasty ass Android
Comment from : BD tookie

Daniel Lachica
Shit you dont prove it works
Comment from : Daniel Lachica

don taylor
Sounds coo but I do not trust it. I have 3 apk files on my android but this 1 I don't trust.
Comment from : don taylor

Elijah Jordan Michael
Comment from : Elijah Jordan Michael

Carbon Fatigue
or you can just take an iPhone and transfer the iMessage app to your Android and still have it on the iPhone
Comment from : Carbon Fatigue

Sumit Ghoshal
how to activate iMessage and FaceTime in order to sync both my mobile and El Capitan hackintosh in order to send unlimited messages from El capitan hackintosh to my mobile's contact numbers. when I am giving Email ID and Password to the immessage application from my mobile or Mac it is saying sign in error
Comment from : Sumit Ghoshal

Balls Life
Is someone in your house on copd
Comment from : Balls Life

trevor thomas
Does it work on windows phones?
Comment from : trevor thomas

flyingis squirelis
why did you not prove it works
Comment from : flyingis squirelis

Comment from : Linmay

Donovan Liao
This is sick!
Comment from : Donovan Liao

Delaney Lewis
cool I think this will help
Comment from : Delaney Lewis

Steve Jobs rolls over on his grave
Comment from : TG

Άγγελος Θεοδοσίου
what is the link for this?
Comment from : Άγγελος Θεοδοσίου

Comment from : tommo

Derrick Scott
the only thing I don't like about these are the fact that they're pretty shady
Comment from : Derrick Scott

Comment from : kelleycorrao11493

so now when I download this is there anyway to use my boyfriend's apple ID and that way I can see who he is texting from my phone?
Comment from : kelleycorrao11493

Hisham Farah
I cant find it on google does anyone have a link 😐
Comment from : Hisham Farah

alexandria vargulish
Thank you
Comment from : alexandria vargulish

Lily Nicole
It wont verify my log in but i downloaded it
Comment from : Lily Nicole

 "DO NOT USE iMessage Chat for Android. The app...contains serious security flaws that put your device, privacy, and Apple ID account at risk."  www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/imessage-chat-android-security-flaw/
Comment from : Steve

check out my newest vid of how to do it nowadays
Comment from : paul5345

Valerie Lo
Dose this have virises
Comment from : Valerie Lo

julius vazquez
It's not working
Comment from : julius vazquez

Saly K'
But this account has been suspended ! ! ! ! ! ! ! UNHAPPILY ! I WANT iMessage IN MY ANDROID BECAUSE MY FRIENDS HAVE AN APPLE AND THEY ALWAYS CALL THEM ! ! ! ! ! AND I DON'T HAVE AN USER iMessage :( :( :(
Comment from : Saly K'

Buddy Guy
wonnt let me log in
Comment from : Buddy Guy

V Noble
Not working for me either
Comment from : V Noble

Sandra Bejoy
Thank you so much for your video it helped me a lot through this method I was able to download imessage on my tab
Comment from : Sandra Bejoy

young geez
Some vid dude I subscribed and your awesome
Comment from : young geez

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