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Android's Answer to iMessage

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Title :  Android's Answer to iMessage
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Comments Android's Answer to iMessage

Debopam Bose
Whatsapp is pretty much used by everyone I know that has android, and has everything that imessage does.
Comment from : Debopam Bose

You mean I message is apples answer to androids text messages sms do you remember like the flip phone pay as you go
Comment from : Crazyvids.com

Lorenzo Garavelli
RCS is not a Google thing. It's a GSMA thing. When 2G and 3G are turned off, it will be impossible to send SMS or MMS. Google is pushing it because if we waited so long, everybody on the planet (businesses and grandmas included) would have moved to an external service. It's saving carriers from their own laziness.
Comment from : Lorenzo Garavelli

Xenon Dominate
I may sound like some rich person or a basic guy but Verizon Message+
Comment from : Xenon Dominate

The Nuclear Brony
we need a refresh of this video in 2020
Comment from : The Nuclear Brony

Dexxer Mp
My phone has a great camera, however when i send a photo or video to someone i want it to be the original quality not fucking 240p
Comment from : Dexxer Mp

The Linux Vector
Are you tired of windows 10 or looking for an alternative to win 7, Try this Linux 22 version mega pack and you'll be sure to find a system you like or more www.ebay.com.au/itm/114102663059 Available here only, Fully functional USB. + Can run windows applications
Comment from : The Linux Vector

Muhammed Shahab
Am I The Only One Who Feels Like When Android Has A Feature That Isn't Available On iOS, Android Fans Are All Blowing Up On It And Saying Apple Is Crap, But When iOS Has A Feature That Isn't Available On Android, Android Fans Say That This Is A Basic Feature And Useless And Apple Is Crap.
That Is Unfair To Me, I Don't Use iPhone, But I Use iPad Pro, And I'm %101 Sure That Is Better Than Any Android Tablet.

Comment from : Muhammed Shahab

Isaiah 9090
Will there be games like on iMessage ?
Comment from : Isaiah 9090

Michel-Manuel Ampofo
Recommended at a timely period
Comment from : Michel-Manuel Ampofo

You must don't have a life if you need to see if someone is typing before they finish?
Comment from : drjd2real

I’ll absolutely NEVER use those stupid cheesy effects on iMessage. It’s another stupid bit of programming fluff that gets people WAYYYYY too immature with talking to others. Maybe considering what went wrong in your life if you’re so devoid of intelligent conversations that you need to add a in your face special snowflake effect to your words.
Comment from : workingusername

Ribbi Bibbi
Love Android
Loathe Apple
Issues with Rich Communications
I cannot grapple

Comment from : Ribbi Bibbi

Football Legend
Is it called hangouts chat
Comment from : Football Legend

it is just the US and that uses sms or I message....
Comment from : Algard

Bawits pro
Whats app???
Comment from : Bawits pro

iMessage is encrypted, while RCS isnt.
Comment from : Probonoman

I'm confused is this a reAl app or a fake text app?
Comment from : RyoRyeBread

Comment from : AustralianNoodle!

Fidelis Akilan
🍎, plz bring iMessage for Android
Comment from : Fidelis Akilan

Like your spacex shirt m8
Comment from : TheAngryGamerTAG

Aboot XD
Comment from : Vucari

Ryan Codrai
Useful content with the occasional cringe af moment, what was that South Park reference 🤨
Comment from : Ryan Codrai

ignacio garcía
Idk why don't you use WhatsApp. It's got everything
Comment from : ignacio garcía

Ultimate Kill3r
Whatsapp and discord are more than enough
Comment from : Ultimate Kill3r

well I UsE THirD ParTy apPS To TExT
Comment from : M4sturbaTor

Jacob mars launchpad
The only good android phones out there is the one plus
Comment from : Jacob mars launchpad

What about whatsapp?
Comment from : Juriaan

Khurram Zubair
I will just keep using whatsapp!
Comment from : Khurram Zubair

mihovecz jozsef
How many years is it takes to make a not shitty chat app on android? Way too much, way too much.
Comment from : mihovecz jozsef

Whatsapp wins
Comment from : erice58

whatsapp: am i joke to you?
Comment from : justalperen

Umm? Why even use SMS? What the heck are apps like WhatsApp and Messenger for?
Comment from : RainbowisticFarts

Yeezy westy
Just install signal and make sure everyone you know has it. It runs on data but it is legit.
Comment from : Yeezy westy

Ramon Salazar
Can some one explain what this app does that WhatsApp doesn't already?
Comment from : Ramon Salazar

sean holt
Sounds a lot like Facebook Messenger
Comment from : sean holt

should be free
Comment from : collwatt

Lars Andersen
Facebook Messenger is a hog. Uninstall
Comment from : Lars Andersen

nazeer ahamed
I'm looking for call recording applications for Samsung Note 8 android pie 9 please
Comment from : nazeer ahamed

internet shenanigins
𝙑𝙞𝙘𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙮 𝙍𝙤𝙮𝙖𝙡𝙚
Comment from : internet shenanigins

Kin Nde
Never happened 🤦🏿‍♂️
Comment from : Kin Nde

1year later nO Improvements
Comment from : APON TECH

Mr. Conservatarian
It'll fail. Google would have to release a massive update for all models and force people to delete their sms app.
Comment from : Mr. Conservatarian

Apple sucks, Android rules!!
Comment from : jkeener1988

Using Enigma since 1941 and I'm totally happy. It's extra encrypted.
Comment from : hauptmj

gmf the producer
communicating in 2019 is a messsss
Comment from : gmf the producer

Charles Melton
Soooo how can i get this app
Comment from : Charles Melton

They both get messages across to one or several people. They are both meant for the same purpose lmao
Comment from : Tenny

Tales Grimm
Now what's their answer to airdrop?
Comment from : Tales Grimm

Sohan Bhute
The main competitor here is whatsapp!
Comment from : Sohan Bhute

My carrier is not going to support this anytime soon, my friends carriers aren't going to support this anytime soon, and we're all already using Snapchat discord whatsApp and Messenger so...,
Comment from : Shloomth

one despacito boi
PlayStation's Answer to Game Pass
Comment from : one despacito boi

It’s called Telegram
Comment from : FurryWolfDog

flash king
I never used messaging app so fuck iPhone
Comment from : flash king

Martin Valový
Because we dont have enough of these apps... Rly google
Comment from : Martin Valový

All Google had to do was move everything from Hangouts to Allo, add Duo to it as well and make it system defaults that replaced the messaging app for every Android device. Then, if another Android user messages you is sent as a instant message. It's so simple, you make it mandatory along with Google Apps and boom, you just created iMessage for Android.

At this point just use WhatsApp for everything and wait until the magical day someone with competence does something similar to what I just said.

Comment from : RaphaniacZX

Something cross platform like Signal would be cool, capable in-house of both SMS and an encrypted protocol (if both recipients use Signal). Oh also it's open source too
Comment from : woohoo2491

Jessy Tremblay
But whats the point of paying for sms if you use data unless it can be used trought mms because I pay 15$ a month for my cell phone and I get unlimited sms and mms worldwide and unlimited call minute everywhere in Canada but I dont have mobile data so unless it uses mms its useless for people like me
Comment from : Jessy Tremblay

nem tudom
Isn't imessage internet based? Meaning, its useless without mobile data?
Comment from : nem tudom

Just use Telegram, it's much better anyway.
Comment from : computerkid1416

A guy with a camera
I mean, does what'sapp even exists in america? In europe even iphone users have it. How do you make group chats with people with different phones?
Comment from : A guy with a camera

Tomi Gt
Umm isn't google just trying to make messenger?cause that's almost same thing.
Comment from : Tomi Gt

Boyi Bolomi
Support Android.
Comment from : Boyi Bolomi

Jur Kuipers
What about Whats App everybody in my counrty uses it, and we never have a problem with it!
Comment from : Jur Kuipers

Jayson A
I never thought about this and it's lame. How do techies find this interesting and space x and Tesla products. There's been rockets around for a while now and there awesome and there have been electric cars other than Tesla that's as good or better than some of there products. Hundreds of tech channels and there all boring and uninteresting.
Comment from : Jayson A

Oroboros Venompire
WhatsApp? Anybody? Why the hell even use sms or iMessage? The only real market for sms replacement are United States of Murica. Neither China or India (both bigger market than USA) don't care about iMessage at all so why even bother? Beside obvious fact - real competitor to Google is Amazon not Apple which sooner or later loose their market share to Amazon and Microsoft (possibly even other less known brands like Xiaomi - which already happen btw). Fact that Google made so many attempts to do this thing and kill so many project in same time prove they want to do this but it's not their priority list. Only reason they doing it is that they comprehend fact it gives more power and more space for further data mining which is their main source of income.
Whole Android vs IOS thing is pumped by Apple and Android fanboys. Apple sells hardware + software (always together). Google sells software and from time to time hardware (main income still is software). Business models of this two corporation is so different it always boggles me why (beside fanboys) people support that comparison (ah right marketing reasons - it sells well). At least this video wasn't clickbait like most big channels on youtube.
PS. VPN isn't as private as people like you market it. Tor is way more secure if you get it right.

Comment from : Oroboros Venompire

Randy Escanuelas
I would go back to Android if this is really good, I have not left apple only cause of iMessage that's all, however when I had Android I did like Google Allo it was really good the only flaw was that it did not support sms 🤦🏻‍♂️
Comment from : Randy Escanuelas

omar arreola
Except, iMessage is encrypted. Google could care less about keeping your personal messages private, but use and abuse them all.
Comment from : omar arreola

KaibaCorp HQ
I didn't even know the Hangouts app existed, and I've been using Android for 5 years. If Google wants this to succeed it has to be a mandatory install with no other regular messenger app, not sure why that's hard for them to comprehend, that's how iMessage actually works.

I guess that's why they're getting carrier support, just so some random carrier doesn't muck everything up by installing their own messenger app.

Comment from : KaibaCorp HQ

Emerson Best
Hangouts was Google's best messaging app. It was perfect.
Comment from : Emerson Best

RCS isn't a service of google, it's a protocol created by a bunch of Telecom companies in the GSMA Association
It's the final response to What's app and Facebook Messenger by the GSMA

Comment from : Daimon

devilish sphere
........It's called messenger
Comment from : devilish sphere

tuhh tentación
This shouldn't be a thing though. Fuck Apple.
Comment from : tuhh tentación

Lokesh Patidar
Use WhatsApp
Comment from : Lokesh Patidar

Marcel Zwiegelaar
So , WhatsApp...?
Comment from : Marcel Zwiegelaar

2:24 The perfect reference
Comment from : Quinton

Anantha Murthy
Waiting in India for this thing to show up😅
Comment from : Anantha Murthy

Rayhan Rimon
xiaomi has mi message
Comment from : Rayhan Rimon

Tizo Jiyane
WhatsApp is good enough for us android ppl... iMessage is not a thing internationally
Comment from : Tizo Jiyane

Long as the Android sms doesn't have ADS!😭
Comment from : alluuu

Tan Panther
Whatsapp is betther
Comment from : Tan Panther

Still waiting for this
Comment from : omegadan

VanMaster Gaming
Here's an idea, put imessage on android and then everyone can talk to everyone else no matter what.
Comment from : VanMaster Gaming

s t x r r y
Dude just use what you like.
Comment from : s t x r r y

ara ara
So this is discord DM
Comment from : ara ara

Steven Corbo
Can you send money
Comment from : Steven Corbo

Feels like the argument of imessages only happen in USA.. other country uses app like whatsapp, we chat, viber, etc.. never heard any of my friend uses imessages tbh..
Comment from : Sia

Thomas Stahlke
Something certainly has to be done to clean up Google's messaging; however, nothing is as frustrating as iMessage separating the threads in group chats that include Android users. IMessage only works well for iPhones. Ultimately, there needs to be a service that is as good as iMessage, but works across both platforms in full.
Comment from : Thomas Stahlke

Abdurrahman AlQuran
"One benefit in your debate..."
Comment from : Abdurrahman AlQuran

mr blob
Chat is stupid and will fail. RCS will fail. FAIL.
Comment from : mr blob

Nowhere Man
Until you can send a video through a Msg without it looking shit, I’ll stick with iOS
Comment from : Nowhere Man

Peepers 47
Love the topic and my T-Mobile supports it. Which your video told how to obtain and setup C.H.A.T. Try to google chat?
Comment from : Peepers 47

Page Nix
Nicely done video. It could use a little description of what you mean by Google Chat since that is used to describe the old original Chat, Hangouts, Hangouts Chat, Google Talk, etc. Which app are you specifically discussing?
Comment from : Page Nix

Paxton Cargill
Google ultron
almost got me there bud

Comment from : Paxton Cargill

Sergiu Sprintar
so, whatapp?
what has imessage have over whatsapp?
which android and ios had for a long amount of time

Comment from : Sergiu Sprintar

Mr. Conservatarian
I'm a big android type guy but the 2 things I love from Apple is iMessage and the iWatch
Comment from : Mr. Conservatarian

mr blob
RCS isn't going to change anything.
Comment from : mr blob

Titan Cronus
Can I still text iPhones with this app ?
Comment from : Titan Cronus

Fuck you Ass! Horrible.
Comment from : Lazluz

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