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Nina Lovestyle, first off, the Ai that runs this network puts all content creators into age groups based on best guess and other factors.  I’m not sure about this classification, however, so if I or my Ai is wrong, please let me know.  She leans kinda heavily on photoshop, as for me, I’m a “purest” and would prefer to see the individual threads of the sheer leggings than see anything else.  I’ve also said countless times that “imperfection” is sexy.  None of us are perfect, and that “idealization” that fetishists are famous for, will happen, regardless imho.  If you dig her, check her out.  Be aware though that she really doesn’t have any pictures of her feet.  She has her social media page as a free page, if you contact her, please look, like, follow and be nice if you email her.

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