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Welcome to Sensual Pantyhose.  I have been a Sheer Pantyhose Fetishist most of my life.  It was my daycare teacher that got me addicted to the scent of a woman.  I look at women as living Goddesses, for the most part.  This pantyhose links directory is “invite only” for the time being. I only really want to showcase the best content creators out there, in this niche.  I also own and Sensual Pantyhose is an extension of that famous sheer directory.  Please enjoy your time here.  Please click on an ad every now and then.  Ads are the primary way that I can afford my server, so if you use this pantyhose directory, please do your part.

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Winter 2023 / February 1 – …and so it begins.  Welcome Sheer Porn peeps, welcome to the new sister site of my network and expanding the Pantyhose aspect of sheer fetishism.


Please enjoy this visual sheer pantyhose directory.  All of the women here were indexed and cross referenced with Sheer Porn.  Many of the here creators are new to me.  So in essence, this sheer pantyhose directory is a library of women that show they’re pantyhosed legs and feet, just because they love to tease.  All of these foot fetish content creators have been handpicked for their beauty and the beauty of their pretty feet.  Please surf to your hearts desire and if you check out social media pages, you might like, please look, like and follow for me.

~ Chaz

…dear Goddess

I just kinda plucked you right off the internet and am now feeding your brand yummy organic traffic.  Every link on your page, goes right back to your social media, as you can see.   You gain traffic and new fans/subscribers, you don’t lose them.  I am also a producer and know how hard it is to have a targeted audience, working day to day and juggling your passion to pay the bills.  I do the same thing.  My traffic is targeted, organic and free to you.  I never buy traffic and my rankings are from years and sometimes decades of growing my brand and network.  Your idealization is my “thank you” to you for putting yourself out there.  You matter and I see you and to me, you epitomize this niche!

If you are listed here, and you do not wish to have the traffic from me, or be featured, please let me know.  If you’d like to stay here, I ask one thing in return.  Please give Sensual Pantyhose a “shout out” every now and then.  I watch my traffic and I see who is sending what.  If I see that you are contributing, I will give you reviews and feature spots to drive even more traffic to your concepts, because I’m cool like that and “it takes a village”..  If you don’t I will not feature you.  Society is selfish enough and I don’t want to be working with people that have low vibrational shit like that going on.

I only source promotional content through your publicly available social media channels.  I don’t ravage members areas, and think people who do are criminal pieces of shit.  I only link to your “link tree” pages or your social media directly.  If you’d like to submit a temporary user/pass, please email me and I’ll be happy to review you.  If you’d like to submit a promotional video to my tube, please mail me as well.  I also have my own membership concepts and am always looking for like minded content creators to book and work with.  As a foot and sheer fetishist, if you’re here, I’d just love to smell your feet and you are much better than average.  For now, this Sheer Links and Sheer Directory is “invite only”.  Every woman here is hand picked.  I am a woman worshipper and believe that there is a Goddess out there as well as God.

Contests – Every holiday, I change the ticker up above and if you are selected, I’ll link to your link tree’s and give you some “ticker” time.  So if you’re a creator, might be worth your while to dress up every now and then.

You’re surfing the Afterdarkkmedia Network

I wear alot of hats in adult, I am a collector, as you can see, with all of my visual directory concepts.  I am also a producer as you can see by my own membership portals.  I am a foot fetishist first and foremost, so many of my directories are foot fetish related.  Each foot fetish directory has different models and content creators.  I did that on purpose.  I’m a one man band running the whole show.

Social Media Feet – Up and coming foot models are listed here.  Gothic Foot Models is all about the subversive eroticism of alt female feet.  Foot Adoration – This visual foot fetish directory is also one of the largest on the net.  If you have an interest in bare feet, you’ll love this foot fetish content creator directory.  Sheer Porn is the sister site of this sheer pantyhose directory and features sheer stockings and nylons.

You might also know that I run alot of other niche directories, if you’re looking for the equivalent of Social Media Feet, but in the form of big tits, you’ll love Hot Busty Models.  Want a bigger busty index?  Big Chested Models has you covered.  If you love Busty BBW’s, you’re sure to dig Busty BBW Porn.  Have a thing for hot babes?  Hot Net Babes has you covered.  If you are like me and love chicks with more of an edge, you will fall in love with alt Goddess.  Between all of them I am sending quality traffic to over 5000 content creators and websites.

• This visual sheer content creator directory is currently online.  Last indexed September 3, 2022

uploading, please stand by

…if we were a song

..interesting music? I spent most of my life as a goth dude. I just like dark shit I guess. It's not some religious statement or anything, I just thought maybe some of you might dig my musical choices, so yah 🙂

Just Uploaded PH Creators

Sending traffic to 60 Sheer Pantyhosed Creators, Sites and Galleries.

I am so very under construction, soft launch Spring 2023.

Addicted to Hot, Wet Ammonia

I love the way that pretty women’s feet smell, although I’m a foot fetishist first and foremost.  I actually got my foot fetish from a daycare teacher, who was wearing pantyhose at the time and continued to wear pantyhose until we moved out of Texas when I was a kid.  When a pretty woman’s been in her sheer pantyhose all day, in closed toed heels.  Once you coax that heel off, your immediately hit by a blast of hot wet ammonia.  It’s a bacteria in her sweat glands that have died.  It’s delicious because you get everything when you taste her sweat down there.  You get her amino acids, her vaginal fluids yes even her bacteria as well as her natural salt.  Thats the beauty of it, she gave me so much, and I never had even unbutton a button.

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