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Hey, I would like to thank you for checking out Sensual Pantyhose.  This site has always been a dream of mine.  I am a lover of sheer pantyhose and the women that wear them.  You will find that this pantyhose site is a bit different than others.  See, we focus mostly on our models feet.  I love the shape and smell of a woman’s foot, after being encased in pantyhose all day.  I love watching the models toenails as they wiggle within the confines of a great pair of pantyhose.  I have movies of all of my models, shot in stunning 4k video that is spec., which is 18.3 mb/sec. streaming on a super fast server so you can check us out as an exclusive member, either from your mobile device or a desktop.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

From Chaz Fontana

Hey all, this site has been moved and combined with for awhile now.  But I’m, keeping Sensual Pantyhose updated, regardless.  Every link here, will take you to  my new site, .  So take a gander with everything that I’ve been doing for the couple of years!  I like my models, stinky, and a little bit on the fringe.  My girls are ALT girls, for the most part, thus far.  However I’ve got Yuppie Pantyhose, SJWPantyhose, Coed Pantyhose, MaturePantyhose, BBWPantyhose and pretty much, women’s beautiful feet, clad in sheer pantyhose from all walks of life, to be honest.  I source my models through the beauty of their feet.  Looks, second.  Or if they are beautiful, I’ll just be grateful to see their feet, haha.  See you soon!


We just started using the 4k codec, as of May, 2016 and man, is the quality just absolutely amazing!  This makes us one of the few foot sites of our kind, shooting in UHD.  That being said, to have the best experience here, you must have a Quad Core CPU, with a minimum, 80 mbps download speed on your internet connection.  Our older, Archive Movies, are 1080p HD and play fine, on most any device.

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