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Spring 2024 / May 16 – Good evening, i’ll probably be up all night, putting up a new wall, which brings us closer to having over 300 sheer pantyhose fetish creators here!

Spring 2024 / May 4 – Happy Saturday, peeps!  I’ll be adding a new wall this update and I am also back to 8 creators per update.  So the whole network is online now, more or less and i’m going to take it for a test drive soon.  This is the year it was all done.  I’ve been working on this network for over 2 decades, but I did it. :). I’m proud of myself, tbh.

Spring 2024 / April 21 – Happy Sunday all!  I’m doing my first re index of this directory and with that, there are also new pages.  404 Pantyhose is on the main menu up top and “sheer airline stewardesses” under “specialty pantyhose”.  I’m currently changing urls on twitter feeds amd re-indexing at the same time.  I should be done tonight.

Spring 2024 / April 19 – Good. evening all, I have a new wall going up in the next couple of days.  I hope that you are all well and stuff!

Spring 2024 / April 10 – Hi all, hope you are all doing well!  I have a new wall going up and I hope you all look, like and follow them.

Spring 2024 / March 27 – …hey all, i’ll be adding a new wall and tidying up the place in the next couple of days.  The Asian train just keeps on going as well with this update.  I hope you are all well. edit – what a weird freaking update so far :/

Winter 2024 / March 12 – …and just like that, we’re over 200 erotic pantyhose content creators indexed, pretty cool huh?  So i’m on an Asian kick right now.  I do love Asian creators, especially Chinese, since they usually grow they’re toenails long and the creators have pantyhosed feet shots, which is even better.

Winter 2024 / February 23 – Good afternoon, peeps, i’m going to try throwing up some double walls this update, we will see.  And with the double update, that puts me over 200 sheer pantyhose creators indexed, woooot!

Winter 2024 / January 27 – Hey all, I have so many yummy plans for Sensual Pantyhose this year.  I have reset the ratings tracker for all of the creators, so vote for your favorite creators!

Fall 2023 / December 4 – Good evening everyone, so i’ll be doing another double update this time around.  I’ll be doing a new wall of pantyhosed creators for the next couple of days then jumping over to my sister site Foot Adoration and doing the second part of the update there, then swinging back by and doing the second part of my update here, before moving to my busty directories :). Happy Holidays as well!

Fall 2023 / November 20 – Having a lazy week, since Thursday is turkey day, ahh.  Well, we are Officially done with constructing this sheer pantyhose directory.  I’m gonna change the carousel up top, then i’ll be out!  Happy Holidays, peeps”!

Fall 2023 / November 15 – Good evening peeps!  I’m adding a new wall here in the next couple of days.  It’s the holidays, peeps!  I hope you’re all well, warm and tucked in tonight.

Fall 2023 / October 8 – Hey all, i’ll be here for a bit, putting up a new wall and doing web mechanic stuff.  Hope you are all well!

Summer 2023 / September 17 – Ahhh that crisp of fall is in the air, just really love this upcoming season.  Adding new creators this mild Sunday, I hope you are all well, go Broncos!

Summer 2023 / August 7 – Happy birthday to me!!  Yep, i’m 53 years young.  I’m here continuing to build this sheer pantyhose directory.  I need to que more creators so this will be a short update.

Summer 2023 / July 19 – Hey everyone, oh don’t mind me I’m just messing around with color schemes..  So it’s been 4 days, sorry I got sidetracked that long.  I will be here for a couple of days at least though, trying to finish qued creators I have, more or less.

Summer 2023 / June 23 – Hey all, my sidebar that I’ve used for years is now 404, so I have a new one.  All pantyhosed creators will be in rotation now, sans the 404 creators and sites.  This is version 7.2 🙂

Spring 2023 / June 8 – Hola everyone, i’ll be here for a couple of days, continuing construction and catching up on new pantyhosed creators.  Hope you are all well.

Spring 2023 / May 19 – Hey all, finishing adding promotional video shorts to the creators before adding new ones.  Also doing some mechanical work on the site as a whole.  I’ll be adding 8 new pantyhose creators when I’m done with updating video promotionals on the other creators.  So i’ll be here for a minute.

Spring 2023 / April 22 – Sensual Pantyhose, I am in you.  I’m really working on the speed of the directory as well as adding more delicious, handpicked pantyhose creators.

Spring 2023 / April 12 – I’ll tell ya right now, I really want to start cataloging all of the pantyhose dominants, findoms, femdoms, etc.  I really like it dirty with pantyhose.  I’m back, going to be throwing up a crapload of creators, like every time I update. ;). Lastly, the creator counter below is functional and accurate from now going forward.

Spring 2023 / March 31 – Soo, What’s up?  So I changed the rollover on the images so there’s some continuity to this madness.  Also I’m always stoned while working on the network, I’m funnier that way, I guess.

Lastly, I’m cross referencing Sheer Porn with the creators here to make sure there aren’t alot of creators that I’ve already indexed, and am just indexing again.  If they have been online for over a year, I’ll reindex them but they will have to be “God like” creators.  At the end of the day, I want each of my visual erotic directories to have different creators except for a few cases, so yeah.

Spring 2023 / March 30 – Hey all and my Sheer Porn surfers, I’ll be here for the next week and a half, building this index.  So please refresh your browsers often.  I’m so excited to get started on this niche all by itself.  So many content creators nowadays are modeling sheer pantyhose.  It really needed it’s own domain, so yeah, here it is.  Why do my directories all look the same?  It works, it’s mine and it’s probably the most straightforward way to bring what’s in my mind to your screen.

Winter 2023 / February 1 – …and so it begins.  Welcome Sheer Porn peeps, welcome to the new sister site of my network and expanding the Pantyhose aspect of sheer fetishism.

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