Sherry Hzz

Sherry Hzz, I just had to give her some traffic, she’s such a cutie.  As most of you know, I love, Love the way that Asian women’s feet smell.  They are ridiculously sweaty, hot and wet, usually.  Especially in sheer pantyhose, hot and wet, which will make me fall in love with one of them.  She’s a “mainstream” creator, so proper courtesy is mandatory please.  I love those 2 little moles by her eyes..  Awww her feet are also cute, yay!  As i’m indexing her, i’m also falling for her, with every image.  Please enjoy the traffic, Goddess.  It would be a dream to deeply smell her feet after she’s worked in hose all day.  You are everything.  Love the variety of poses as well.

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